Wednesday, 12 September 2007

FDA considers clearer food label symbols

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The FDA is currently taking public comment on the possibility of creating a symbol system that would put nutritional information -- loud and clear -- on the front of food packages, instead of the current system of a smaller print food labeling on the side or back of a package. Though some companies currently do some version of this, the FDA system would presumably be more regulated and consistent. The hope is that when people see one of their favorite foods contains too much salt, fat, or sugar that they make a healthier choice.

I think there are arguments for both sides of this issue. On the one hand, most of us are perfectly capable of turning a box around to read the ingredients -- if we choose to do so. But a clearer system would help those who can't read small print, who are illiterate, or who aren't educated in basic nutrition. Would it stop you from grabbing that super-sized bag of potato chips, though? I don't know...I mean, after all, when I buy junk food, I usually already know it's junk. What do you think?

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