Sunday, 2 September 2007

BC Cancer Agency offers unique support group for men whose partners have advanced cancers

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British Columbia's Cancer Agency offers a new, innovative support group for men whose partners have been diagnosed with advanced cancer. One participant was Rob Barrett, whose wife Diana was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. Barrett, like many men, did not want to turn to professional counselling, but he did agree to attend such a support group at the BC Cancer Agency Vancouver.

According to the leader of the group, John Christopherson, men tend to be less upfront about their needs and therefore there is a real lack of social support for men.

According to Christopherson, "It isn't typical therapy in the way that most guys think of therapy. It is not conventional and follows no set guidelines, and yet everyone gets something out of it and comes back month after month."

Rob Barrett continues to attend the group, one year after his wife's death, because he feels that he can give back something and help make sense of his grief by helping others.
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