Monday, 6 August 2007

Yoga asanas for diabetes

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I adore yoga, I feel stretched and relaxed for days after every session. An at-home yoga gal, I pop in yoga tapes and dvds produced by Gaiam (good yoga gear/instruction). I haven't done much yoga lately due to a recent achilles surgery, but this is only a rationalization. There are many positions I can do, and after reading this article on yoga and diabetes, it is time to unroll my purple mat -- tonight!

This helpful article reminds people with diabetes that stress can increase blood glucose. They suggest eight asanas (sitting meditations) proven to increase blood flow and improve blood sugar processing, while also strengthening the liver, stomach and pancreas. Don't think 'sitting' means you'll be in a chair or always sitting on the floor. The scope of the term asana has widened over hundreds of years to include many different yoga positions and postures.

Here are the eight asanas -- to give you an idea of the wealth of yoga resources on the web, I included links to a variety of different websites.

1. Sun Salutation (my favorite)

2. Dhanurasana

3. Vajrasana Yoga Mudra

4. Ardhamatsyendrasana

5. Pavan Muktasana

6. Sarvangasana

7. Matsyasana

8. Halasana

Remember, some of these poses may be impossible for you at this time. My back will likely never allow me to enter the full Dhanurasana pose, but the nice thing about yoga is you can modify to your heart's content.

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