Thursday, 9 August 2007

Were you cured of Type 2 Diabetes?

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What do you see when you picture THE CURE? The proverbial cure has always been a pill or a shot - just once. Problem solved. Well, if you look at the long list of Type 2 diabetics who have already been cured - it seems a cure will only come one way: the hard way!

Google sent me to this page posted by the Alternative Cancer Treatment Centers. The information first explains where Type 2 diabetes derives: a derangement in essential fatty acids. Specifically and statistically speaking - the fact that we consume twice as many Omega 6s as Omega 3s. The Omega 6s have become the main building blocks of the fats in our diets and therefore the fat in our bodies. This seems to be a triggering event for the rising incidences of obesity, heart disease, and Type 2 diabetes.

So now what? Okay, the page details about 44 things one must do, and continue to do for however long it takes to cure you. Don't read too much into my cynicism. I'm all about the Udo's and dosing up on the Omega 3s over 6s but when the supplement list gets longer than my Christmas List from 1988 - something's got to give! Now does anybody out there have a Type 2 Cure story to share? This is your chance - tell the world your secret to success!

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