Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Vitamin D and blood pressure

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The big buzz this summer is about vitamin D -- mainly, our lack of it. You can get vitamin D through food or by spending just a few minutes (sans sunscreen) in the sun each day. It's been linked to cancer prevention and most recently to multiple sclerosis, and over at That's Fit, I recently read that not it's also being linked to blood pressure.

According to a recent report out the NHANES III, a study that followed over 12,000 adults over six years found that those with the lowest amounts of vitamin D in their body had blood pressure readings that were slightly higher than those who had more vitamin D upon testing. Larger studies need to be done to confirm that the link exists.

If you do choose to go out in the sun to get your vitamin D, keep in mind that 2-10 minutes is usually enough for most people and that vitamin D can also be obtained through foods like salmon, tuna, milk, and liver.

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