Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Vioxx side effects started as early as 18 days after usage

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When Vioxx first hit pharmacies across the nation, it was a happy day for those of us who suffer from arthritis pain. The new pill was a million times better than regular old ibuprofen and far less of an interference than painkillers. We could take Vioxx and get on with our days in a way that we had not been able to in a long time. Too bad the pill turned out to be a killer.

Although Vioxx held so much promise, it turned out to be deadly. Patients suffered from fatal and nonfatal heart attacks, strokes and sudden death from cardiac causes, blood clots and chest pain. In a new study published this week, research shows the miracle pills started to cause problem in as little as two weeks, not the 18 months the manufacturer previously claimed. However, since Merck & Co. was forced to remove the drug from circulation due to its deadly tendencies, the studies were discontinued.

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