Thursday, 9 August 2007

To protect and preserve your vision

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Diabetes is known for the toll it can take on the small vessels of the body at a rapid rate, including eyesight. MacularProtect Complete is an all-in-one formulation that offers a simple solution to protect vision and the whole body.

MacularProtect Complete is appropriate for individuals concerned about preserving their eyesight and maintaining overall body health. This formula is based on the findings of the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS). The AREDS trial showed that supplemental antioxidants with zinc had a significantly better chance of retaining their macular health. Evidence shows that eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables improves the health of diabetics. MacularProtect Complete provides many of the nutrients at the forefront of nutrition and health research, such as the important antioxidant lycopene - concentrated in tomatoes, and protective bioflavonoids from such diverse sources as bilberry, grape seed, Ginkgo biloba, citrus, as well as quercetin, found in apples and onions.

ScienceBased Health is focused on clinical evidence. As an empirical study - I've been taking MacularPtorect Complete the last month. So far I've noticed a little improvement in my night vision but I can't call it vision resurrection just yet. If you care to test a product out for yourself - they are available through eye care physicians, or by visiting their website.

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