Friday, 10 August 2007

Thought for the Day: Taking care of the yard, safely

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In spotting so many green yards this summer, I had to ask myself if homeowners were sacrificing potential health problems for the sake of a green yard. It sounds a little odd to many, but the components of many yard fertilizers (and "weed and feed" products) are chemicals many of us would never want in or around our house, let alone on grass that we may walk on.

Herbicides, the "weed" part of weed-and-feed products, can be quite potent and are generally not something you want to touch or inhale in any way. The good news is now that normal fertilizers are being brought under scrutiny by the mainstream media, more "natural" alternatives are showing up on store shelves.

When it comes to these alternatives, we're generally talking about yard nutrient products (fertilizers) that are organically made as opposed to being loaded with industrial chemicals that I'd never allow anywhere near my home. How about you?

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