Monday, 6 August 2007

Thought for the Day: Doing the right thing

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I have recently been thinking on the reasons we do not do the things that we know are good for us.Why do we continue to eat fatty foods? Why do we not exercise? Why do we continue smoking? Why do we do these things while we know the consequences?

Why did my aunt go in for her mastectomy without quitting smoking beforehand? Why did she go outside for a cigarette right after coming out of the ICU after recovering from a collapsed lung? What is it that prevents me from exercising every day? Why do we still suffer from diseases that are either totally or partially preventable if only we would change our lifestyles?

One answer could be found in research done at MIT. It seems that our brains form neural pathways when we have an ingrained habit. So, our brains will not let us change! That would be the easy answer, wouldn't it? How do we then explain the people who do change? The people who stop smoking, stop eating junk and start exercising? I think we all know the answer. They made a decision and stuck to it. Their health became more important to them than their habits. We can change our minds.

My aunt decided that her cigarettes were more important to her than anything else. Before she passed away she wondered if there would be cigarettes in heaven. I hope heaven changed her mind. Can you change your mind today?

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