Monday, 6 August 2007

Sunday Seven: Seven healthy ways to get yourself out of a funk

When you're diagnosed with cancer, recovering from cancer treatments, or know that your treatments are ongoing -- its easy to fall into a funk. I myself have been falling in and out of funks since my diagnoses for breast cancer, even though I'm five years out.

One thing to remember is a funk may be different from actual depression. Medication is available for serious depression issues so definitely talk to your physician if you feel like what you are experiencing is more serious than a funk that might pass on its own.

What is a funk?

  • feeling grumpy
  • disengaged from life in general
  • lethargic
  • low motivation
  • bad moods

Seven healthy ways that might help you get out of that funk you're in:

  • Talk a walk - I know first hand that this does work. Taking my dogs for a walk and spending some quality time with them really can lift my spirits. When I take a walk with my Ipod I can also have nice stress relieving 'me' time.
  • Clear out clutter - This one always helps me bring my spirits up. When I clean my house or change furniture around I feel like I have new fresh energy!
  • Try a new recipe - Cooking can be fun and a good therapy. Try something new that you might see on a television cooking show. Feed it to family and friends and be proud of your new cooking adventure.
  • Sit in nature - I have a beach in walking distance. If I go there by myself and sit for a while I really feel good watching the waves and feeling the ocean breeze. If you don't have a beach close by, then maybe a brook or lake or some other private area on a trail.
  • Go see a funny movie - A good laugh can break a funk. Invite a friend and have a good laugh together.
  • Spend time with a child - Take a child you know to a nice outing, a zoo or a park. A joyful smile on a child's face might help you smile too.
  • Pamper yourself - Do something that brings you joy. Breaking old routines and doing something special for yourself can help. Take a bubble bath or read that novel that has been sitting on your bookshelf. Do something that YOU like to do. You deserve it!!

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