Thursday, 9 August 2007

The South Eat Diet give Southern cookinga new image

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Southern cooking brings to mind images of bountiful plates laden with fried foods swimming in puddles of grease. Just the mere thought sets many tongues to salivating. Unfortunately, traditional Southern cooking has had to be nixed from many diets because not too many of us want to ingest so much grease and fat into our precious arteries.

Luckily, Southern cooking is getting a bit of a makeover do to the South Eats Diet. The new approach to Southern cooking concentrates more on the beauty of vegetables and grains that have long been a staple on Southern tables while skipping the deep frying parts. By celebrating the slow cooking processes of varied veggies and promoting so many flavors, the fat is cut out of the food. For more on this new idea, click here and enjoy Southern cooking in a new light.

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