Friday, 31 August 2007

Should defibrillators be required in every school?

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I didn't realize this, but there's a nationwide campaign to put portable defibrillators, or AEDs, in every school. Proponents want the defibrillators in place to protect kids who may suffer a cardiovascular event, as well as adults in the school building. But a recent study out of Seattle questions the logic of spending $1000-$3000 on the equipment in every school, when there may not be a need.

Researchers found that few cardiovascular events happen among school aged children as it is, and that an AED would most likely be used on adults who happened to be in the building. They also found that those adults were more likely to be in junior and senior high schools (for sports programs, etc.) so AEDs may not be required at the elementary level.

On the other hand, no one really knows when and where a heart attack may strike, and wouldn't it be tragic if it happened in a building that didn't acquire an AED to cut costs? It's a tough decision for those who balance the school budgets...what do you think?

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