Monday, 6 August 2007

Radiofrequency ablation highly effective in treating kidney tumors

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CT-guided radiofrequency abalation (RFA) has been shown to be 100 percent successful at eradicating small malignant kidney tumors, according to a study out of Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.

RFA uses a probe, guided by CT. A high-frequency current heats the tumor and destroys it.

More than 100 patients underwent RFA for kidney tumors. Of the 95 tumors that were smaller than 3.7 cm, all were completely eradicated by one treatment, as were 14 of the larger tumors. Seven more of the 16 larger tumors were eradicated after a second treatment, for a total of 93 percent success rate for all 125 tumors.

According to the lead author, Ronald J. Zagoria, "The results - a high cure rate and low complication rate - establish that at institutions with experience doing this procedure, this is an alternative method for treating small renal malignancies in patients who are not good surgical candidates."

For more details on this promising technique see here.

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