Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Professional golfer presses on with the pump

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Touted by Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as one of the most well-thought-of players on tour, Scott Verplank has negotiated his Type 1 diabetes all the way up the rankings of the PGA tour.

Verplank diabetes began when he was 9 years old. The off-limits list included sports, but Verplank didn't listen to that one. He was a phenom, winning the 1985 Western Open as a senior at Oklahoma State. It had been 29 years since an amateur won a PGA event. A couple dozen more victories appeared likely. Nobody could see what trouble diabetes would cause.

Verplank does not let diabetes interrupt his game. Checking his blood sugar every few holes and walking all 18 - the inconvenience of diabetes will not sabotage his love of the game. Verplank doesn't consider himself a role model. He categorizes himself as just a regular guy. Everybody faces obstacles, and he's merely managing the challenges of everyday life just like everybody else. Although Scott's feather is the fact he's a pro golfer -- one of the top players in the world!!

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