Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Picture it: 120 calories and other servings sizes in photos

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One of the major reasons many of us are carrying a few extra pounds is that we're simply eating too much food, whether our diet is healthy or not. I can definitely relate to this -- I'm pretty vigilant about serving sizes these days but a few years ago, I thought a serving of cereal or pasta was the amount that could fit in my bowl or on my plate. Now I realize that this could have been three to four servings of food in one meal. Another problem with servings sizes is that food manufacturers often list a serving size as 250g or 4oz or 550ml. What does this mean exactly? Most of us aren't going to take the time to measure or weight our food, so we have to take some sort of guess.

If you have this problem with food, here's a handy resource we found at Diet Blog. Have you ever wondered what 120 calories looks like? Here's your answer. Keep these images in mind the next time you put together a snack.

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