Friday, 31 August 2007

Parenting: your kids are ok, but you have diabetes

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Browsing diabetes-related books on Amazon recently, I came across this one: When You're a Parent with Diabetes: a real life guide to staying healthy while raising a family by Kathryn Gregorio Palmer. It caught my eye because 1.) it got very favorable reader reviews and 2.) it addresses a topic that is usually neglected - being a good parent when it's you with diabetes. When You're a Parent was published in September 2006 by Healthy Living Books.

Interesting, that. I mean, there are tons of resources out there about raising children with diabetes and keeping them healthy. This book addresses the needs of parents with diabetes who want to raise healthy happy children, but also have special health needs of their own to remember.

Top 100 Amazon reviewer Manny Hernandez has posted a review to the site and also this site, praising the book. Manny's a good authority, by the way: he has type 1 diabetes and has his own sites including, TuDiabetes and a blog AskManny. Busy!! According to Hernandez, Palmer is informative but never condescending, guiding parents through anecdotes on her own and others' experiences. Palmer covers the gamut from pregnancy to raising teens, adoption, and dealing with depression, diabetes complications, and communicating with your kids about your condition. Sounds like a good resource.

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