Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Obese man denied adoptive rights

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Gary Stocklaufer, a state-certified foster parent from Missouri, received some shocking news from a judge in mid-July. About three months ago, Stocklaufer and his wife Cynthia welcomed baby Max to their foster home after a cousin was unable to raise him. They decided to proceed with formal adoption. The Stocklaufers headed to family court thinking the adoption would be a simple process, but received news he was too fat to be an adoptive father. Gary weighs 500 pounds.

The Stocklaufers are devastated. Mr. Stocklaufer called the action out-and-out discrimination as his weight is immaterial to his ability to serve as an adoptive father. He does not understand why he cannot adopt his own cousin when he is already a licensed foster parent and has cared for many children. A further CNN news report quoted a court appointed legal guardian stated Mr. Stocklaufer may develop diabetes or sleep apnea. Utterly outrageous!

Get this -- the Stocklaufers adopted their son Bobby seven years ago from the same judge who ruled he is now unfit due to obesity. Mr. Stocklaufer weighed the same seven years ago. I see a lawsuit on the horizon, or at least a successful appeal. Two attorney experts interviewed by CNN think the judge totally blew it. What is your opinion? As of this morning, about 70 percent believe the judge was wrong. Place your vote and read the full story here.

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