Saturday, 11 August 2007

A new twist on the broken breast cancer bracelet

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My brother-in-law just read the post I wrote about his allegiance to the pink breast cancer bracelet -- the one that snapped after three solid years of wear, the one he replaced a day later.

I wrote my previous post in an attempt to give meaning to this perhaps symbolic happening. A breast cancer bracelet breaks -- what could that mean? I took a stab my own interpretation. My thoughts are featured in that post, On broken cancer bracelets. Now, Jack is weighing in with his own twist on the matter. I like his version.

Jack says his bracelet, worn ever since I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2004, broke because I am free of cancer. The bracelet is no longer necessary. End of cancer. End of bracelet. End of story.

"Then why did you put on a new bracelet?" I asked Jack.

"For someone else," he said.

This time, the bracelet is not for me. Because I don't need it anymore. It's for someone else. Who? No one in particular. It's just for someone else.

I like how you think, Jack.

Thank you.

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