Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Mom serves alcohol to daughter's diabetic friend

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The Mom of the Year Award will not be going to this lady: according to a report from Fox News, Belinda J. Menier (33) served liquor to her thirteen-year-old daughter and her daughter's diabetic friend. This occurred during a sleepover. Menier, who lives in Corunna, Indiana, was arrested last Monday and charged with felony neglect of a dependent and the misdemeanor charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

So what was on the tasting menu? Amaretto, apparently. According to a police report, Menier mixed the liquor with soda for the girls to taste. According to an AOL report, the diabetic girl told police she had about five drinks while at the house, but said she was fine afterwards. The mom, however, says they only had a taste and that was it. "She admitted pouring them a small taste. That's her only admission," says DeKalb County Sheriff Sergeant Donald Lauer.

Good Lord. Does this really sound like good use of police time and money? Sure, Menier wasn't using her best mommy judgment when she decided to entertain the kids with alcoholic beverages! But does she deserve to be put through hell for her actions? I guess a big factor here is: did she know the daughter's friend was diabetic?

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