Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Moderate exercise might be better for preventing heart disease

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walkHey, don't work so hard! Researchers recently found that moderate exercise, like 30 minutes of daily walking, may actually be better than rigorous exercise in preventing heart disease and diabetes. Lead author lead author and exercise physiologist Cris Slentz said the studies "show that a modest amount of moderately intense exercise is the best way to significantly lower the level of a key blood marker linked to higher risk of heart disease and diabetes. More intense exercise doesn't seem to do that."

There's benefits to vigorous and moderate exercise, and this study is useful if you want to focus on heart disease prevention. Moderate intensity exercise lowered levels of triglycerides, and the low levels persisted for two weeks after the exercise programs were over. So even if you do dial back the intensity, you still aren't off the hook as far as exercise. Sorry.
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