Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Men need to be aware of skin care

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Skin care is not just a woman's domain when it comes to long term skin health. Men need to be aware of the various products and methods that are required to prevent against skin damage and skin cancer. Many spas are now offering skin care regimes targeted specifically at men, but with a bit of research and dedication it is easy to create your own regime at home.

First it is best to find a line of skin care products that are not too harsh on the skin. So many products that are available for men are filled with heavy scents and harsh astringents. Men's skin, especially in the neck are, is every bit as sensitive as a woman's skin. A good shaving gel and a clean sharp blade are the best way to begin skin care. Next follow up with a good sunblock with at least an SPF factor of 15. Men of all ages need to be aware of sun protection. Skin care diagnoses outnumber those of prostate and lung cancer. Moisturizing the male skin is as important as shaving. Many moisturizers also contain sunscreen, making this step an easy combination with sun protection. Exfoliating the skin is also a must for men. Many men shy away from this step, thinking it to be far to feminine for them. However, by sloughing off the dead skin cells to promote new cell growth many precancerous cells are removed from the face. While shaving is a natural exfoliant for the face, the neck area still needs to be addressed.

A skin care regime need not be expensive or time consuming, but a daily commitment to it is every bit as important for a man as it is a woman.

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