Wednesday, 8 August 2007

A McDonald's wrapper makes everything taste better to a child

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A recent study has proven what many parents have known all along: anything sporting a crinkly McDonald's wrapper is much more appetizing to young kids. The study gave children two choices of McDonald's menu items, one wrapped in the true packaging and the other in plain paper. The items varied from French fries and burgers to milk and carrots. Hands down children chose the Golden Arches packaging every time.

While this is not chocking, it is a bit of a let down for parents. At a time when childhood obesity is a growing problem, the concept of feeding our children healthy foods is imperative. It is no help when children would trade a healthy, homemade selection for something from the drive though at McDonald's.

The study does come at a good time for many parents. McDonald's is promising to curb its marketing to young kids, stating that fruit will be included in the Happy Meals so popular to young children. While I don't believe that will fix the problem, it does show some effort by the company to provide healthier options for kids.

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