Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Is Agent Orange responsible for hypertension in Vietnam vets?

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A new report shows that exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam war may be linked to hypertension in Vietnam vets. The herbicide, which was sprayed liberally over Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to defoliate the dense jungle that the opposing soldiers were known to hide amongst, has been linked to large number of illnesses, including several types of cancers, and now scientists who are examining the after-effects of exposure to the herbicide now believe that heart disease and several other cardiovascular illnesses have agent orange to blame. This backs up previous findings that pointed to the same conclusion.

But although the harmful effects of Agent Orange continue to gain momentum, veterans are still being let down by the healthcare system. Officials still believe there is "limited or suggestive evidence" to back up the claims that agent orange is behind many illnesses. Considering that Vietnam Veterans put their life on the line for their country, I think this is completely immoral and downright sick. What do you think?

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