Friday, 10 August 2007

Inside the aging process

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As we age, we get a few more wrinkles, and perhaps out hair will change colour -- or disappear. We'll have more aches and pains, we won't be able to eat as much, and we'll need more naps. Aside from any major health issues, is that the extent of the effects aging has on our body? No way. There are lots of changes that happen that we don't even think about, such as:
  • We lose lean tissue, which means we lose muscle and tissue from our organs
  • Our lungs shrink
  • Our heart capacity decreases
  • Our body fat increases
  • Our bones thin
  • We lose important functional strength to do every day things like carry groceries.
Wow, when you put it that way, aging sounds like a blast, don't you think? But getting older doesn't have to mean a total disintegration of our bodies. If we form healthy habits today, it should help us age gracefully and healthfully.

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