Thursday, 16 August 2007

I AM THE CURE is new Susan G. Komen battle cry

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I AM THE CURE is the Susan G. Komen new rallying cry. Intended to urge us to take an active role in our own breast health and remind us that we all play an important part in finding a cure, these are words to live by. I think I won't soon forget them -- because I have a new key chain inscribed with all four of them.

My aunt just participated in the Aspen Race for the Cure, and she sent me all the goodies she picked up at the race. She gave me the Ford Warriors in Pink scarf -- I've always wanted one and can't wait to wear it on October 20 when I run in my local Making Strides Against Breast Cancer event. She also passed on to me a race t-shirt, the sign she wore on her back -- in celebration of my beautiful niece Jacki, it read -- and pink ribbon magnets, sunscreen, a Warriors in Pink temporary tattoo, and all sorts of other little trinkets. The key chain was one of them.

My new key chain features four different sized pink metal circles, each one dangling from the key ring. On each circle, there is one word. From the smallest circle to the largest, the words I -- AM -- THE -- CURE appear. All on their own, these circles are pretty powerful. But there's more. On an insert that came with the key chain is an explanation for each circle.

The smallest circle represents the average size lump detected by yearly mammogram when past films can be compared. The next tag shows the average size lump found by a first mammogram. The next one: the average size lump found by a woman doing her regular breast self-exams. The largest tag, about the size of a half-dollar, represents a lump found by accident. Now this sizing chart may not be entirely accurate -- my lump, found by me, was far smaller than the third largest circle on my key chain. Still, these tags are a nice visual of the varying sizes of lumps. And they serve as a good push, I would imagine, for those not up-to-date on their screenings. Seeing the difference between a tumor detected in its earliest stages and one found by accident is quite sobering.

The key chain insert reads: Did this giveaway educate you about breast cancer?

Yep, it sure did. And I hope this post educated you.

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