Thursday, 9 August 2007

Homeless felines adopted by fellow diabetics

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Pet enthusiasts may know that diabetes is rife amongst domestic cats these days. Why? Same reasons type 2 diabetes is such a problem for people - overeating and a sedentary lifestyle puts us at risk for the disease. But here's a cute story from the UK about some diabetic felines who just got lucky in life...or not, depending on your view.

The Lincolnshire Echo reports that an animal rescue organization called Lincoln Cat Care is trying to place rescued diabetic kitties with diabetic owners. Representatives with the group have appealed to diabetics in the community to come forward and help out one of the formerly-homeless cats. Their rationale is simple: people who have diabetes - or perhaps a family member with the condition - can better care for diabetic cats. They know the signs and symptoms of diabetes, they understand the whys, whens and hows of giving insulin.

Now, I'm involved in animal rescue and I have met tons of devoted pet owners over the years. I just don't buy that diabetics are more likely to make better owners. Nope. Sorry. People who really love their pets make the best owners for diabetic cats and dogs. I've met many wonderful owners of diabetic cats. None of those people are diabetic, but they've gone out, asked questions, read up in books and on the Web, and they are pretty darn knowledgeable. And who's to say a diabetic person would provide that level of care just because they have the disease themselves? Many diabetics out there don't even manage their own blood sugar very well! In short, it's dedication that matters here, not your diagnosis.

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