Friday, 31 August 2007

Heart Attack Grill owner won't go changin'

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Oh, ho, ho. This is too funny. Thanks, Fox News. According to that worthy network, the owner of the Heart Attack Grill of Phoenix, Arizona, won't be changing his fat-laden menu. Nope. Jon Basso - who likes to call himself "Dr. Jon" - seems to see himself as a sort of last bastion of American manhood, standing strong against the forces of heart healthy eating. To him, heart healthy means pointless political correctness, and he don't like it!

All the main dishes at the Heart Attack Grill are proudly cooked in lard. In addition, other foods contain dangerous trans fats. But Basso says he won't cut them out just to (in his words) "meet societal tastes." When you go out to eat, opines Basso, you should go to have fun and "eat to the fullest. And don't worry about what people are telling you." Pure lard, says Basso, gives meat a "taste worth dying for." That's why Basso's Quadruple Bypass Burgers are staying on the menu. It's about freedom, people.

Basso has just published a book: The Heart Attack Grill Diet. Good Lord.

Click here to read a transcript of Jon "Heart Attack" Basso's interview with Fox host Neil Cavuto.

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