Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Good questions to ask at our next physical

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Getting an annual physical is never at the top of my fun list of things to do. Donning the paper gown and getting personal with my physician always leaves me feeling more than a bit exposed. Hand in hand with that discomfort goes my ability to think 100% straight, I often end up forgetting pertinent questions I had planned on asking my doctor. Not a huge surprise considering I am almost naked and he is not. I am not alone here, ask nearly anybody and they will likely admit the same.

A good thing to keep in mind when going in for your annual physical is to have some questions prepared ahead of time, this way you are less likely to forget them when you are naked and on your back. Lauren Greschner of our sister site That's Fit has found a site that gives great tips regarding questions to ask about each area of the body. The seven basic regions of the head, heart, chest, pelvis, blood, bones and skin are outlined in this comprehensive guide to body knowledge. Simply click on a region to gat a good idea of useful questions to ask your doctor the next time you have an annual check up.

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