Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Freshmen 15 is not a myth

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The transition of leaving the comfortable nest of your childhood home and heading off to college is stressful for so many reasons. It has been rumored that all too often the stress expresses itself as extra, unwanted weight on the hips and thighs of college freshmen.

The weight gain has long been a debate as to whether or not it is true or just an urban myth designed to scare potential college students. However, as written by Bethany Sanders on our sister blog, That's Fit, the dreaded Freshmen 15 is an all too real truth. According to a new study many college freshmen believe they are healthier than tests reveal. Many are shocked at what their blood tests show as far as cholesterol levels.

The Freshmen 15 likely accumulates from a number of stresses in the life a young student. Leaving the safety of rules of a parent's house for the freedom of every night pizza parties can be a problem. Eating in dorm cafeterias where there is an unlimited supply of pudding and rolls could be an issue. The huge change of leaving the home nest and being responsible is also a consideration. Whatever the case, if you have a young student heading off to the academic wonders of college, it might be wise to sit down and discuss the freshmen 15 and ways to avoid it.

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