Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Exercise of the Week: Incline Pull-Up

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For this week, I would like to introduce you guys and gals to a variation of the traditional pull-up. Called the Incline Pull-Up, this exercise is also very effective at targeting the muscles in your back and arms and core, but it does not require the ability to be able to lift your entire body weight.

To perform the Incline Pull-Up, start by placing a bar across a sturdy platform -- preferably a squat rack. The bar itself should be positioned at a height about equal to your stomach when you stand next to it. Next, slide your body underneath the bar and grasp it with both hands a bit wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping your feet together and planted on the floor, you want to lift your upper body by pulling chest toward the bar. Throughout the entire movement, your feet should remain situated in the same place.

I found a good video demonstration of the Incline Pull-Up on a website. To view it, click HERE.

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