Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Exercise of the Week: the Hyperextension

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It's Tuesday, which means two things: 1) Every girl named Ruby feels missed; and 2) It's time for another installment of The Exercise of the Week here on TheCardioBlog. This time around, I want to highlight a movement that targets an oft forgotten -- but critically important -- area of the body: The lower back. The way we're going to do that is with an exercise known as the Hyperextension.

To perform this move properly, you will need to utilize a specific piece of gym equipment. Basically, you need your feet and upper legs to be secured so that you can bend freely at the waist and not have to worry about tipping over. If, however, you don't have access to a gym, fear not. It is possible to perform this exercise at the end of any long, flat surface (like a bench or even a bed). The tricky part is that you'll need something, or someone, to weigh down your legs. Whatever you ultimately use to secure yourself, the next step is to bend at the waist, so as to allow your head to come near the floor. From there, you want to slowly and steadily raise your upper body until it is completely in line with your lower body. An easy way to make sense of how this move should be performed is to think of it as sort of a reverse sit-up (not to be confused with the actual move known as the reverse sit-up), in that you are lifting the back of your head toward the ceiling rather than the front of your head.

Explaining an exercise with words alone sometimes doesn't quite do the trick. So, as I always do, I scoured the internet to find a video sample of The Exercise of the Week. That said, if you'd care to see this video demonstration of the Hyperextension, click HERE.

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