Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Diet and fitness: A proven path to heart health

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It's advice that we hear all the time, whether we choose to follow it or not: diet and exercise can prevent heart disease. But when you see the statistics, the numbers are staggering -- 80% of heart disease and 90% of type 2 diabetes could be prevented simply by making lifestyle changes.

So why aren't more Americans doing it then? Health experts say there are hurdles to cross, such as:
  • lack of information and misinformation
  • deeply ingrained old habits
  • lack of awareness and lack of planning
To really make lasting changes, experts say that you need a plan. Do the research, then plan your daily meals and schedule in exercise. Replace those bad habits and unhealthy meals with better, healthier versions and make diet and fitness a part of your routine. And when the going gets tough, remember those statistics mentioned above!

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