Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Diabetes control is now a virtual reality

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SugarStats makes it simple to virtually track, monitor and share key statistics to help manage your diabetes online. Here's your chance to get rid of the annoying paper trail and replace it with high tech efficiency. You would anticipate such a brilliant idea to cost boatloads. No sir -- this perk is free!

SugarStats gives you a simple and easy-to-use way to input and access your data anywhere with a web browser. Get rid of that pen and paper log -- it's all online! Track and manage meds, foods and activity. Drill down into specific timeframes to get a clear picture. Visualize your progress with easy to read graphs and trends. Share your statistics with your family, friends or doctor. This is such an awesome tool! Your desire to take control of your diabetes is so easy, thanks to Marston's brilliant interface. Sign up free or take a tour.

It seems every day I learn about an extraordinary diabetic doing something to improve the daily struggles of this unforgiving disease. Kudos Marsten! You're another shining player on Team Diabetes!

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