Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Can kids get credit for non-school sports?

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Before I was a blogger at The Cardio Blog, I spent nearly in the public school system, so I love it when I hear about an idea that really shows that educators are thinking outside of the box. Over at DIY Life, our own Heather Craven recently discussed one of those innovative ideas: letting kids who are dedicated to a non-school sport get credit for their time.

Schools are offering a bigger variety of organized sports to kids than ever: soccer, golf, volleyball, cross-country, tennis, track, football and basketball, just to name a few, but some kids (like myself) don't fit into the molds those competitive sports require and seek out their own activities like dance, gymnastics, horseback riding, archery, and so on. If kids in organized sports get credit for their contribution to physical fitness, shouldn't kids who prefer sports outside of school? Heather tells you how to open up the discussion with your child's school administrators. It's been proven again and again that healthy habits taught in childhood stick for a lifetime, so why not encourage your child to find the fitness activity they love?

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