Wednesday, 1 August 2007

Book-loving cancer survivor inspires others

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Karen Spengler has been fighting cancer for 10 long years. Cancer's taken a lot out of her--a kidney, part of her leg bone, her hair, which she's lost nine times--but it hasn't taken her spirit, or her love of a good mystery.

Her Story is this: The owner of a Kansas City bookstore specializing in suspense novels, called I love A Mystery, Spengler also runs a support group for breast cancer survivors, called Turning Point. And though probably no other member of the group has, like Spengler, undergone treatment almost continuously for a decade, she's the backbone and the energetic force in the group.

She credits life-saving drugs to her survival against all odds, but there's another important aspect to her battle with cancer -- her positive attitude. Spengler considers herself lucky when most others would see the opposite.

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