Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Avocado: A natural cure for your heart

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Avocados are a pretty trendy vegetable (or is it a fruit?) these days. Not only that, but it's really good for you. While avocados are fairly high in fat for a produce item (there's about 15% of your recommended daily intake in 1,) it's a trade-off because they have lots of vitamins, including Vitamins B, E and K, and they also have important nutrients like potassium and folate.

For the heart conscious, avocados can help regulate your cholesterol and blood pressure, according to this article. Furthermore, the folate in avocados can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. So if you like avocados, eat up! I personally can't stand them on their own, so I'll be enjoying some home-made guacamole or trying to hide some in a salad or sandwich.

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