Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Author chronicles mom's ovarian cancer battle

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Author Leah Hager Cohen says her blog is inspired by her mother, for at least two reasons. One: it is because of her mom that she's a writer. "She has seen me for a writer my whole life, ever since I could make up stories and dictate them to her," says Cohen. Two: her mom is fighting ovarian cancer, has been since April 2006 when she was 62. Cohen's blog -- Love As a Found Object -- is for her mom and about her mom. It is quite a blog.

In an entry written in September 2006, Cohen shares:

My mother is perhaps the most energetic person I know, and my children, who collectively run a close second, have grown accustomed to having her set the pace when she is around. She's the one who persuaded me, six years ago, that the kids and I did not need a dining room nearly so much as we needed a "project room." She usually arrives for visits bearing the raw materials and mental blueprint for some art or engineering project into which she and the kids then plunge together. Even though we've all had months to get used to her cancer, her tiredness still seems strange, as does the chemo-haze from which she regards us more quietly than is her wont. She seems almost an imposter in this muffled state, so accustomed are we to having her lead us on capers and jaunts through real and metaphorical woods.

Cohen writes like a pro, perhaps because she is one -- a professional author, that is. After visiting her blog, take a look at her official author site at Here you'll learn about her new book, House Lights -- The New York Times Book Review calls it "a coming-of-age novel that casts a distinctly female eye on the form, not asking how far it's possible to travel from one's original self so much as considering the possibility that we may never really leave our child selves behind." You can check out her six other books too. You'll spend hours lost in the engaging stories this woman tells. I did.

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