Friday, 31 August 2007

Amy tracks newest gizmos

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What's small, green and cute? Nah, not Kermit the Frog. It's the Renew Lancing System. I was just checking out Amy T's review of this and other cool/interesting new diabetes-related gadgetry on her site, Diabetes Mine.

The Renew Advanced Lancing System: it's sleek, small, and in cool colors - retro lime green and silver. But the name! "Renew Advanced Lancing System" - jeepers, couldn't they have thought of something a little catchier?? Anyway, it's a handy little self-contained, disposable lancing unit that contains twenty needles. Don't bother checking out the website, 'cause there's no info on there yet. Hmm...

Amy gives the thumbs-down to another newie: the DUO-CARE, a combined blood glucose and blood pressure monitor. The idea is okay, but the design: ugh. It takes the form of a huge and clunky wrist bracelet. Remember how guys in the 80s wore those enormous, square digital watches. It looks like that - times twenty! Interesting idea, but a loser, design-wise. (Mind you, if people will use the Exubera mega-inhaler, who's to say they won't buy this, too?)

We applaud Amy's view that diabetes gadgets need to lose the hospital-bed-pan-look. Keep searching for the coolest new stuff, Amy! And here's hoping your terrific letter makes it into the hands of Steve Jobs.

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