Monday, 6 August 2007

Americans and Europeans trust their doctors the most

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Do you trust your doctor? I do--with a bit of hestitation though. After my dad's death, we realized that his doctor had been grossly negligent in treating him--my dad had dozens of appointments where he complained of his failing health and asked his doctor to put him through tests to figure out what was wrong with him. His doctor's solution was to not screen him for anything and instead telling him it was just age catching up with him and prescribing him 600 heavy-duty painkillers to mask the pain he experienced while he was slowly dying. My dad trusted his doctor to look out for him and paid for it with his life.

Though I'm wary, most people do trust their doctors--more than any other professional they deal with in fact, a study shows. Not surprisingly, lawyers and politicians are the least-trusted. What do you think about these results? Are we right to trust out doctors? Or should we be taking more responsibility for our health and not relying on a virtual stranger to look out for our best interests?

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