Thursday, 16 August 2007

Airport security champs

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Last November, I forgot to take my Swiss Army Champ Knife out of my purse before going to JFK Airport. So, for being stupid, it cost me a kick-ass pocket knife I'd had since 6th grade. Live and learn. But this is pretty interesting - turns out a fellow blogger over at Gadling had an airport security faux pas, as well. Dare I suggest another forgetful diabetic was the culprit permitting the breach of security?

Jamie Rhein's husband was chosen for a routine safety inspection before the family boarded the Skybus. His carry-on was inspected. The goods included: liquid hand-cleaner, a pair of scissors and a mini-wine tasting kit. The kit, unopened at the time - was opened and the corkscrew was confiscated by security. There was a knife attached. The pair of full-metal scissors was allowed. The liquid gel wasn't given back. Red alert danger - I know how tricky soap can be. Watch out!

The irony of Jamie's experience is that halfway through the flight she found an unused hypodermic needle and syringe still in the packaging and two empty medicine vials under her 5 year-old son's seat. One of the crew said there had been a diabetic on board the previous flight. Good cleanup crews are hard to find. That's fine, but with all that security, it was an awakening to be on the lookout for a used needle when searching for her son's spilled crayons. Guess there's no avoiding being on incessant heightened alert. Speaking of -- I asked JFK security to donate my Swiss Army knife, after they told me I had to surrender it. Yeah right. I'm sure the dude who patted me down took it home. Keep it sharp, buddy!

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