Monday, 6 August 2007

ADA's Step Up To Fight Diabetes fundraiser

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The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recently announced, Step Up To Fight Diabetes, a unique, new fundraiser. Up to 1,000 participants will pledge to raise a minimum of $1,000 in sponsorships as they walk 10 miles across Philadelphia, stepping up and down 25 staircases along the way. The ADA chose Philly as its inaugural event city due to its historic staircases (Rocky, Rocky!), and the city's dedication to improving health. The event will be held October 20, 2007.

Walkers will pass Independence Park, City Hall, even head down the Schuylkill River path to the Philadephia Art Museum. I was enamored by the Schuylkill's winding beauty my very first visit to Philly. During each subsequent trip (I have family there), I have always hiked or jogged along the river.

Through monies raised, the ADA will fight the rise of diabetes nationwide through awareness, information and advocacy. Participants will be inspired to challenge themselves physically -- becoming role models for the next generation. In fact, a 12-week training program just started August 4, so now is the time to sign up and join this first-ever fundraiser. Check out the ADA's Step Up To Fight Diabetes website -- you can register, start/join a team, sponsor or be a part of it all by volunteering. The site also offers comprehensive support to help you raise the $1,000 in sponsorships.

Walking epitomizes an ideal activity to prevent type 2 diabetes, and can improve the health of an estimated 21 million Americans with the disease. This is one smart event with potential to raise serious dollars. If Step Up To Fight Diabetes comes to Chicago, I will walk.

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