Monday, 6 August 2007

ABC news anchor Robin Roberts has heart in the right place

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ABCs Good Morning America co-anchor Robin Roberts has heart. You can read all about it in her article titled A Heart in the Right Place in the July 2007 issue of Ladies' Home Journal -- and her book From the Heart. She writes about her job, about how she was never the most brilliant person to work alongside Charles Gibson and Diane Sawyer but how she tends to put herself in the position for things to happen.

"Often, the person who catches the break is the one standing there with her arms outstretched at the right moment," she says. There she was, arms outstretched. And here she is, high atop her career ladder.

Roberts also writes about her strong military family, her athletic nature -- she played basketball in high school and college -- and about facing her fears.

Since this article published, Roberts is facing a fear -- she was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Judging by what she has written -- before she knew of her diagnosis -- Roberts' heart will surely guide her toward happy endings.

"I don't quit the game when I fall behind," she writes. "I believe that if I hang in there and keep the 'score' close, I'll be in a position to benefit from the lucky breaks. I may be consumed with self-doubt, but I can always do something tangible to put myself into position. As I like to say, 'Take the shot, even if your knees are shaking.'"

On her inner voice, Roberts says, "We all have an inner voice. Sometimes we ignore it or it gets drowned out by all the noise of life, but if you can sit quietly and listen, you can hear it. And your inner voice will tell you what will make you truly happy and fulfilled."

Roberts has breast cancer. She has strength, courage, and grace too. This combination, I think, will lead her to sure happiness.

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