Thursday, 16 August 2007

The 5 things that could save 100,000 lives

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North America isn't a place that's interested in preventing problems, particularly those that are health-related. We're more concerned with fixing the problems afterwards. But a new study shows that just 5 steps can help save over 100,000 lives in the years to come. These 5 steps are:
  • Taking 1 low-dose aspirin a day, which can save 45,000 lives
  • Quitting smoking, which can save 42,000 lives
  • Getting screened for colorectal cancer regularly after the age of 50, which can save 14,000 lives
  • Getting a flu shot each year, which can save 12,000 lives
  • Getting screened for breast cancer after the age of 40 can save 4,000 lives
These are pretty basic healthcare steps, so if you meet the criteria and are not doing them, the only question is: Why not?

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