Monday, 30 July 2007

Take Avandia off the market, says FDA official

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Details are emerging from today's advisory committee meeting on Glaxo's Avandia. First up was a presentation by Dr. Robert Ratner of Washington's MedStar Research Institute outlining the unprecedented spread of type 2 diabetes. Ratner emphasized the inadequacy of current drug therapies for diabetes and the strain on the health system caused by the disease. The possible implication: Avandia does more good than harm right now, so let's keep it as an option.

Next, an official from the US Food and Drug Administration stated his belief that the diabetes drug should be taken off the market. The official, Dr. David Graham, says the heart risks posed by Avandia mean it's just not worth the risk to patients. Especially, he said, not when there are safer alternatives like Actos (by Takeda), which also stabilizes blood sugar levels.

It's a significant step that someone from the FDA publicly made this statement. But will anything come of it? Maybe not. The decision about whether or not Avandia stays on the market is not up to Dr. Graham, who The New York Times reports has a history of coming down harder on drug risks than many colleagues. (Give the guy a medal!) Thing is: there appear to be plenty of other officials within the FDA who don't agree with Graham's interpretation.

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