Monday, 30 July 2007

Caffeine and exercise can fight skin cancer

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Researchers from Rutgers University have recently reported that the combination of exercise and caffeine in mice increased apoptosis, a cell's self-destruction, in precancerous cells that were damaged by the sun's ultraviolet-B radiation.

According to Dr. Allan H. Conney, there is a protective effect observed from either exercise or caffeine, but combined, this protection is even more than the sum of the two.

The mice who drank caffeine had a 95 percent increase in apoptosis of damaged cells and the mice who exercised showed a 120 percent increase. However, the mice that did both saw a 400 percent increase in cell death of damaged cells.

Conney expects that this will apply to humans and not just mice, but cautions that it must be tested first and people should continue to use sunscreen.

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